How to choose the right summer tires for your car

Buying a new set of summer tires can be challenging. Various manufacturers offer a huge selection of tires. In order to find the right tires, you need to decide on their dimensions and a number of important characteristics. To know more, check out: primewell tires review

Summer comfort

In our latitudes, road conditions are highly dependent on the season, so tires must be appropriate for the season. Now is the time for summer tires. Most drivers have already installed the warm season kit left over from last year. But if, for example, the old rubber is already worn out or damaged, you will have to think about a new purchase.

Choosing a "new thing" for their vehicles, modern motorists are faced with an abundance of offers from various brands. This year's models are the embodiment of the fresh technical achievements of their manufacturers. Usually before the start of the season, experts test new products and make a rating of summer tires. Those for whom it is important to purchase the latest product can study them and find a suitable option.

On the other hand, earlier models will be significantly more affordable. And when choosing, it will be possible to take into account the reviews of drivers who managed to try them in practice.

Features of summer tires

The chemical composition of summer tires is selected so that they are tough enough. At sub-zero temperatures, such rubber becomes too hard, not providing good grip on the road surface. But in the summer heat, unlike the winter heat, it does not lose its operational properties.

The tread of summer models is less deep, without micro-pattern and, most often, without pronounced blocks. At the edges, the pattern smoothly "flows" onto the sidewalls. Narrow longitudinal grooves serve to effectively drain water from the contact patch. Thus, the risk of aquaplaning is eliminated.

Depending on the features of the pattern, there are several main types of tires on cars . Symmetrical non-directional ones are good for their versatility. When installing them, it is not necessary to take into account the direction or direction of rotation. And if necessary, you can change the wheels on the right and left sides in places. Usually, such models have a more affordable cost, which is also important. The performance characteristics of these tires are well suited for quiet urban driving.

Asymmetric non-directional tires have different patterns on the inside and outside. For correct installation, the sidewalls are marked with which of the sides is internal and which is external. This rubber provides excellent grip and handling. This makes it well suited for fast driving on wet roads. Often such models have a corresponding marking - RAIN ("rain") or AQUA ("water").

The directional grooves form an "arrow" pattern. For such tires, the direction of installation matters. On the side of such models there is a designation in the form of an arrow indicating where they should rotate. This type of tires is characterized by a fairly high controllability, provides high-quality drainage. It is believed that this pattern is especially suitable for high-speed driving in dry weather. Among the models with a directional pattern, there are both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

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